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Every company aims at a careless IT-environment that provides optimal support to all business processes. Today "IT" is so evident and indispensable that it can be considered part of your companies infrastructure. Just like the elevator and the coffee maker. Also for IT applies: For the daily operation you have your own staff or outsourcing partner. For major upgrades, renewals or problem solving you look for support or advise. 

Particularly when you are using a mix of systems and suppliers, upgrades or replacements will not always happen unnoticed. When more parties are involved responsibilities can become unclear. And system requirements may be conflicting. The only thing that is always clear when a problem occurs is the name of the victim: You. That is why it is very important to make clear agreements with all parties involved and to make sure that these agreements are met by all parties. When you lack the time, knowledge or experience to do so, then appoint someone to protect YOUR interest in an early stage.

Pigmans Advies is such an experienced IT manager who can help you make choices, negotiate contracts, check contracts and rates or assist in implementations. What you require will vary per project. What will be the same each time is that external support leads to a better and quicker result. Pigmans Advies will be proud to be considered YOUR IT manager and is available to help YOU when needed.





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