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Satellite Communications

When your fleet uses satellite services that are charged per minute or per Mb, a periodic cost check is recommended. Pigmans Advies has many years of experience in this area and can help you in several ways, like...

Satcom Analysis: Quick scan to determine if significant improvements of communication facilities and/or expenses are potentially possible. The quick scan is based on the requirements on board and their recent invoices. When useful the quick scan can be followed by a...

Satcom Advice: Based on the requirements, rates, investment and pay back times the most effective Satcom equipment, -contracts and -providers for your vessels are lined up. This can (must not) be followed by negotiating rates and preparing the required agreements.

Satcom Information: Produces a clear leaflet or booklet to inform staff on board your vessels and/or offices. The contents may include information about the characteristics of certain equipment, how to use it, company house rules, tips&tricks etc. The information can be provided in any format or language.

Invoice check: Periodical or ad hoc detailed check of your Satcom invoices, aiming at incorrect or unintentional use. For example to determine why communication costs of a specific vessel substantially distinguish from another vessel in the same trade.
When a more or less frequent Invoice check is required, it makes more sense that Pigmans Advies learns your staff how to do it.

!! Pigmans Advies is independent and has no financial or other interest in the outcome of any advice.

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