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Draft implementation plan: a good implementation drastically increases the success rate of a system. However a good implementation often requires a lot of effort from the departments involved. Both in discipline (the implementation tasks compete with the regular work) and in execution (most staff has no implementation experience). The implementation process can be performed more smoothly by making a simple but clear plan. One or a few A4's can do. The implementation plan makes clear who does what and when. That way tasks can be easier fit in the regular work and bottlenecks can be identified and solved in time.

Implementation guidance: Even when you have prepared a good implementation plan, the execution of the plan requires discipline to perform all tasks in a correct and timely way. In many cases the regular work has top priority, so it is easy to postpone an implementation task. Here the line up of a third party, even when it is only for a few hours during a periodical progress meeting, may be helpful. In the presence of a third party it is less easy to postpone the meeting and postponing implementation tasks will be based on more and better arguments. 
Although Pigmans Advies is a strong supporter of implementations that are performed by internal staff, we believe that some implementation guidance improves and accelerates the implementation process.

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