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ICT Contracts

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Contract assessment: In most cases actual contract is the last item in the contract negotiations. Subjects that have been discussed in detail with the salesman are missing or blurred. In many cases the contract takes care of the rights of the seller and the obligations of the buyer... And that is a nasty thing, because in practice you only dig up the contract when problems apply. In most cases that will be YOUR problems. So it is surely in your interest to have a fair agreement. When a contract is assessed, this will often be limited to its legal merits. Pigmans Advies assesses whether the contents of the contract are clear, complete and fair.

Contract negotiations:
Based on extensive experience on YOUR side of the negotiating table Pigmans Advies can help you to achieve an optimal result.

Resolve disputes:
When your are dissatisfied with an ICT product or service, this may have several causes. Did you buy the wrong product? Does the product bring you what was agreed? Are your expectations too high? Finding a solution will often bring you in a grey area. The solution may be the purchase of an additional product or an upgrade, or in accepting the product's limitations. It may be difficult to stay on speaking terms with your supplier(s). In such a case an independent third party may help you to achieve a fair result that is acceptable for the parties involved.

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