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Invoice check fixed/mobile phone:
Over the past decade rates for phone- and internet connections have substantially decreased. But that is not the case for roaming rates outside the western world and for costs of satellite traffic. Here unexpected and unreasonable invoices can still be received. Do you use the most effective means of communications? Do you have the best contracts? Are your rates in conformity with the market? Or: is your staff aware of rates and possibilities? When periodically checking your invoices, look at your top-10 destinations, strange and senseless amounts, staff/vessels that are not in line with "similar" staff/vessels. Such an inspection requires some understanding and time, particularly the first times. But it can be done by your own staff. When you don't want to spend your time on it, or you want some help to get started, Pigmans Advies is pleased to help! In most cases the costs will be earned back quickly and the savings will stay in place for a long time!

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