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A carefree IT-environment requires at least a clear agreement between you as a customer and your supplier(s) and a properly organized implementation. Negotiating a clear agreement is not always a simple task. Jargon, complex licensing models, lack of information on future upgrades and so on. And once you have signed a good agreement, the implementation process is the next hurdle. It requires good preparation and often takes much time. Time that competes with the regular daily work.

Providing support in achieving clear and fair contracts, as well as in preparing or executing implementations are important services in the portfolio of Pigmans Advies. Both small tasks like "May we hear your opinion on this contract" and larger assignments like (re)arranging your email system or organizing an implementation project are welcome!

Pigmans Advies wants to be seen as Your personal IT manager, is completely independent and has no financial or other interest in the outcome of its advice. 





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