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In larger companies the responsibility for "Information technology" is appointed to a dedicated team or department. In smaller companies it usually is a side job for a person or a team that has affinity with the profession. That is a good and practical solution for the regular daily IT tasks. However, when your company requires a new system or your systems need a major upgrade, the side job may temporarily become a full time job and requires knowledge and experience that may not be available in your team. Particularly when more suppliers are involved, each with their own demands and licensing models, it can be hard to overlook the short- and long term impact of choices you have to make. In such a case it is wise to appoint a professional to help you make the best choices in your own interest. This saves time, money and inconvenience.

Pigmans Advies is an experienced IT manager with the motto that every company deserves a careless IT environment. IT should be infrastructure, just like the elevator and the commercial building. So daily tasks like replacing a light bulb or a laptop is done by your local IT responsible. For renewal of your staircase or expansion of your building, you arrange assistance for your staff, by hiring a professional that only serves YOUR interests. 

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